How to make Virtual Weddings Special

Virtual weddings ~ for the romantics who want it to feel like as normal as we can, involving loved ones no matter what. I love a Romantic elopement and of course celebrating later on won’t lose its magic but, for me, the emotion of the first time walking down the aisle can’t quite ever be recreated. So if you’re doing it once and with all the frills, don’t let a limited guest list stop you.

Going into spring there’s a glimmer of hope for larger parties but don’t forget there’s beauty in intimate and relaxed days.

The technical stuff

There’s nothing like in person, but something like zoom definitely has its uses. There can be hundreds of people broadcast from different countries or it can be kept small (with no one crashing the wedding!) Plus you can record what’s on screen, imagine having your loved ones reactions forever.

The thought of a broadcast wedding seemed bleak to me at first but when your creative cogs get turning, it transforms into something quite special.

  • Don’t forget your Camera set ups ~ Add more than one camera at different angles if possible
  • It’d be good to have someone else set it up, keeping an eye on it. They can spotlight cameras, record the screen and set up a welcome screen or slideshow for online guests, which is exactly what an event planner does.
  • Breakout rooms can become your table plans where guests can meet up before or after the ceremony, the bride and groom can be put in each room to say hello to loved ones.

Virtual Wedding tips ~

♡ Venue – Wither it’s your official wedding or lovely blessing online, almost any location could work, even bringing the personal touch of being outdoors or at home where you grew up.

♡ Decor – Have your space decorated (L&L Events London specialty) mainly where the cameras are pointed to make a gorgeous focal point. Backdrops are your best friend they can be endlessly creative from draped velvet and candles over tree branches, or sheer fabrics with fairy lights to green foliage in your living room and fresh florals.

♡ Send a gift package beforehand – This will make your guests feel like they’re not missing out. Options Include: cakes, cookies, party poppers, photo booth props, favours, flower buttonholes, wall decorations & suggesting a dress code at home could make it special (you’ll be receiving photos of them dressed up non-stop to flick through later) these are things that can easily be organised by a wedding planner.

♡ Greet your guests online – A post ceremony check-in short or long will make you feel connected to those you’re missing on your wedding day, they could be partying in your honour at home or watching in the middle of the night across countries celebrating with champagne in their Pjs on the couch!

Adapting our plans doesn’t have to be heart breaking, but it’ll show all the people in your life who love you and are excited to see you tie the knot no matter what.

Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to see your virtual weddings!


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