Tips for Post Covid-wedding Blues

You must have heard of post wedding blues, the intense planning and waiting is over and you may not know what to do with yourself.

But post Lockdown weddings are even more intense!

You may have had to abandon your vision and just focus on getting legally hitched.

So If you pivoted your priorities and decided to go for it anyway to focus on the love in your little world then kudos to you!

I’m sure you wouldn’t have changed a thing because you got married!

But that certainly doesn’t mean you’re not justified in still wanting all those details and experiences you dreamt of. If you haven’t imagined a specific kind of balloon Garland, flower wall or arch installation then maybe this one isn’t for you…

After everything’s settled down after your vows, make sure you enjoy your time with your new spouse and you make it as memorable as you’d like. Take some time if you can and make it a staycation. Look to what you have to celebrate about rather than what you missed

out on.

You could fuel your creativity by planning a photo shoot for a styled editorial of your own of all the details that were missed.

The prospects of having a full wedding day including planning everything to be set up, having a ‘getting ready shoot’ followed by the couple photos; photos with your family and then partying all night long almost seems impossible to me now. I’ve realised I’d rather spend time on each of these things separately to be present and enjoy them.

If you didn’t get photo ops after your eloping , go for a post wedding shoot to celebrate your new union, whilst feeling relaxed without pressure in any place you want. I can think of a walk or picnic in flower fields or London ruins like the stunning st-dunstan-in-the-east-church-garden

If you’re creative, you could spend time making a scrapbook to embrace your own memories and keepsakes which would definitely keep you busy after getting hitched.

Giving packages ~ after printing your photos you could spend time sending them to guests who you’d love to have been there on your day and a heartfelt message would go a long way. You could even send a little package of favours and trinkets you would have wanted to have given all your guests. i.e chocolates, name cards keepsakes, your wedding cake flavour cupcake, mini dried bouquet to keep, mini bottles and a bespoke cocktail recipe in your name.. any more ideas are welcome!


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