London’s Top 10 Romantic Proposal Spots

When you think of the most romantic cities , London may not be your first choice but after you read our list you’ll realise its in a whole league of its own! There’s more whimsical hidden spots than you may realise which is perfect for this memorable day.

Check out our proposal tips. And if you’re looking for that perfect venue in London, wether it’s your home town or you’ll make a special trip just for it, these are the ones for you!

1. St Dunstan in the East

For those who enjoy a darker aesthetic, All year round the ruins creates a stunning eerie backdrop guaranteed to impress your future beau. Discover its history here which you’ll be sure to feel within the ruin walls.

2. London Eye

I’f you’re not afraid of dreamy eyed onlookers and perhaps quite like the hustle of the central this is the one for you. But you can create a private moment by hiring a Pods privately, whilst having champagne and chocolate truffles waiting for you.

3. Hampstead Pergola

If you’re looking for the perfect fairytale private nook, look no further. Included are impressive gardens with a dramatic walkway, where overhanging plants and vines create a canopy, taking you back in time.

4. Kew Gardens

Famous for its breath-taking botanical gardens, proposing here is a no brainier, whilst also never feeling impersonal. There are countless romantic havens to be found , the orangery is something that cannot be missed.

5. Sky garden

Like a giant observation deck of our capitals skyline, the garden and Bar takes your breath away. With limited access as its so popular makes it feel exclusive and even more special. This venue is perfect for our team to transform a semi private area into mini romantic retreat.

6. Hampton Court

This Striking palace is one that pleases all sorts of people; lovers of history, elaborate gardens, stunning paintings , or even the lights when the winter ice rink comes out.

The perfectly manicured maze has held proposals before but by no means has it lost its magic.

7. Animal encounters

There are so many animals at our fingertips in London and the divers at the aquarium and rangers at the zoo are eager to work with us to make your dream proposal happen. From late night zoo strolls and Prosecco under the aquarium shark tunnels and even divers holding up signs or perhaps getting some animals in on it too, there are definite ways to make it special.

8. Royal Observatory Greenwich

London’s only planetarium and is sure to leave you both starry eyed. You can write their name in the stars or hire privately and fill the observatory with rose petals

9. Row boat on Richmond

A classic romance story involves a boat somehow, I’m sure of it. The actual rowing may not be so glamorous depending on what you like but it’s finding a quiet spot you can drift where you can choose to spend the rest of your lives together. In hot weather it gets very busy but is still well worth it.

10. Pains hill park

A little outside of London, in Surrey, The incredible vast grounds offers unlimited spaces and you may have to seek it out beforehand to choose the perfect spot. Imagine walking through the trees and seeing a picnic covered with cakes and flowers; enough to make your heart soar. Painshill is also famous for its unusual crystal grotto , as well as its gothic temple which creates a stunning background for any proposal as the sun sets. They also hire out for weddings which is perfect for the sentimental type.

I couldn’t resist this Bonus Spot ~

11. Lavender fields

Mayfield lavender farm is a little outside of London, about 15 miles from Central, close to Croydon station. theres a sea-view, and you can book a lavender cream tea which has the option of their unique home-grown lavender cider I can’t imagine a more stunning backdrop for a proposal. Hitchin Lavender is just as beautiful and is approx 54 mins from King’s Cross Station. Imagine a picnic in the lavender blooms as far as you can see..

There are too many beautiful places in one City but I hope you like our top picks.


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