What Not to Do Before Your Marriage Proposal.

Do you have little niggling doubts? Getting pressure from everyone to propose? Read on as we share some tips to consider.

  1. Don’t Propose If your Not Ready For The Commitment
    You’re not 100% sure you are actually ready. The key is good communication being open about where you both are in the relationship.

Ensuring that you’re both in alignment with each other is so important at this stage in your relationship. This is a subject I will dive into soon before I get carried away!

2. Don’t Hide Your Engagement Ring In Food
This is something we get asked and we strongly advise against it for the oblivious reasons. Can you imagine if your partner is a real foodie and tucks into a dish or desert and down goes the engagement ring that you invested in! Worst yet they could choke! So it’s best to leave it out my friend.

3. Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute
If you want your Wedding Proposal to be jaw dropping, a proposal of your sweethearts dreams! Then giving yourself time is key to meeting with an expert proposal planner so that we can ensure that every detail can be pulled together and executed into a personalised marriage proposal.

We appreciate that some men feel that it’s just a few petals to throw on the floor with some candles, (come on I bet you’re thinking that right lol). It can’t take that long just chuck a Marry Me sign in the mix and you’re good to go. Well my dear at L&L Proposals we value quality over quantity and would advise 1-2 month planning would be fantastic so we can really ensure your proposal is personalized. However,we can also pull off a marriage proposal in very short notice IF we are available.

4. Don’t Propose With Crowds Of Family & Friends
This ultimately is your choice 100% however, in our experience your marriage proposal is the most intimate and memorable time for you and your sweetheart and the most nerve wracking trust me my friend.

Why add to the nerves by having family and friends listening to your every word, all the mobile phones at the ready, everyone fighting to get the best image to post on social media as soon as you get your yes! It’s so loud from the excitement that when you’re on your knee, the heartfelt you say, cannot be clearly heard by the most important person in the room. Top tip: Have your people ready to join you for celebrations right after your proposal.

5. Don’t Get Into Debt With Your Marriage Proposal
Save save save! It’s far better to be able to invest my friend in a moment that you will and your partner will remember for a lifetime. As one client said “ men need to realise that marriage proposals should be taken seriously we need to know our women well.

On that note consider what she really would want or expect from you. What do you both love doing together? Where are you both the happiest? We really look forward to having a complementary call to help gather all this information and help you create a personalised marriage proposal that best suits your investment.
“We Love Creating Memories That Will Last A Lifetime” we can’t wait to hear your love story here.

As told by Head Planner
Lisa Black x


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