How to fall In love with Small Weddings During Lockdown

2020 The Year Everything Changed!

I think 2020 taught us that we can’t see the unnerving things that might happen and of course, being a bride to be, we want to make everything perfect ahead of time and to be on top of everything.

That’s what I think anyway.

But, if like me, the dreaded pandemic has changed that, you may have had to plan it all in a matter of days. Something to cling onto is that there’s really something romantic about it being a whirlwind and spontaneous. It may not feel like that at first but when you take it in your stride, the celebrating can begin!

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My favourite tv show weddings are when there are plans for a huge beautiful perfect day but something always goes wrong and suddenly they have to change everything. But it leaves me in tears as it ends up being so much more intimate, personal and unique. When you think about it, it turns out so much better; where there’s no great aunt in law that you felt obligated to invite, there aren’t your 4th cousins’ kids you’ve never met who aren’t crazy about being there, or your mates plus 1 who’s only there for the free booze.

When it really comes down to it there’s just you and the person you love more than anyone. And even if special loved ones aren’t able to be there, the best part is that they love you no matter what! They’re happy with the fact you’re getting married. It‘s comforting to know when you can see each other again, they’ll be down to party with you anytime!

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The best part about 2021 Is you can stream your wedding to anywhere in the world live plus

you get to keep it as private or as open as you’d both like.

I’d love you to stay tuned for more posts about adjusting to the bizarre new age of virtual weddings and yet seeing how they are so beautiful.

We’ll win 2021!


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