5 Things To Consider Before Your Marriage Proposal

Your Marriage Proposal will be the biggest milestone in your relationship which we really respect you for, a milestone that you will want to get just right. Here are a few helpful tips that IF applied will ensure your sweetheart gets the proposal of her dreams.

1. Do Talk About Marriage Life
So my friend, are you both on the same page? Can you see your future as a husband to your partner? Before you even consider dropping the knee to propose you both should have had conversations about your wedding and married life together as a couple.

2. Do Meet The Parents
This one can be a little controversial and even considered old fashioned. However, your future in-laws would deeply appreciate either being asked for the hand of their daughter depending on the cultural background, or simply being informed of your plan’s to want to propose. Of course always be mindful if like some big families you tell one and then the entire family, extended family neighbors all know before you even reach home.

3. Your Engagement Ring
The engagement ring is one of the most important key parts to your marriage proposal and for your partner, I mean she will be wearing this ring hopefully for the rest of her life! So it’s key to understand if this is a decision she 100% trusts and values you will get right Avita Jewellery offers an amazing 1-1 service.

So are you paying attention to her likes and dislikes? Do you know her well enough to have a bespoke ring designed? On the other hand many couples opt to enjoy sourcing a ring together at the one stop Hatton Gardens high street, check out the Official Directory above.

4. Personalize Your Marriage Proposal
Just incase you haven’t noticed at l&l Proposals we have no images of the Marry Me sign…..I know crazy right! Why? Because we really value creating personalised marriage proposals that are unique to you as a couple, instead of what you see on social media.

We totally understand its a quick option, but just imagine how your sweetheart would feel if you express the reason WHY you love her and WHY you want to marry her, don’t stress we’ve got you my friend.

5. Hire An Expert Proposal Planner
Will ensure you have an Epic Proposal no matter how much money you invest my friend. As an Award Nominated Proposal Planner we will eliminate your stress and anxiety levels that you will have on the day so you can relax and enjoy the moment with your loved one. Our team will always ensure your romantic gesture will be breathtaking and remembered fondly.

Ultimately our Planners will ensure you have peace of mind and save you so much time! With over 29 yrs experience in the events industry, we have enjoyed the past 3 yrs executing a 100% YES success rate with our Marriage Proposals.
“ We Love Creating Memories That Will Last A Lifetime” we can’t wait to hear your love story here.
As told by Head Planner
Lisa Black x


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