5 Things Having A Pandemic Wedding Taught Me

I feel for all brides at the minute, and it’s getting more tricky, with wedding guests numbers getting smaller and parties being pretty much non existent. I’ve seen the hashtag #MARRYNOWPARTYLATER circling, check it out for some great inspiration.

As someone who went from planning for over 150 guests to then suddenly having to cut down to 30 and planned it all in 3 days, I know a little about stress. Some couples have coped with even smaller weddings with an even smaller timeframe! We brought our wedding forward a month to squeeze it in just before one of the lockdowns and while writing this at the beginning of 2021, I realise having 30 guests was a such a luxury. Who knows when it could get back up to 30 again or hopefully even more. But until then, here are some thoughts on how small weddings could have some enchanting perks.

1 Only needing a few Invitations

When it comes to guest list, The hard thing about planning a wedding in a pandemic is that you have to patient to hear about the ever-changing rules. We almost did but just to be safe I decided not to send out invitations to all the guests I wanted , which meant I didn’t have to then retract them nearer the time (which could have added to the stress with it being awkward and embarrassing) But rather with the rushed wedding I sent invites to just the few loved ones I was allowed to squeeze in.

2 Above all , it’s about people

Everybody knows it – your wedding day goes by so quickly and you barely notice what’s going on around you , which is your prerogative of course. But normally you only give a quick hug to your guests and “thanks for coming” and wish you had more. It’s a strange time having to cut back on guests but a silver lining is that you are able to actually hang out with a few of closest your friends and family. Plus you’ll be showcasing the best dress you’ve ever worn- What could be better than that? You’ll just be feeling the love from those around you. Virtually or in person. Weddings show you who your real loved ones are and how they show it.

3 Being spontaneous makes for a Romantic Story!

Having only 3 days (or less) to put together all your plans you’ve dreamt about for years can be daunting, but when you pull it off it will be magical! Imagine telling your children or grandkids how you coped through the strangest year of our lives and whilst the world was falling apart, love brought you together through it all. Even if things go wrong , blips happen, and it would be different than you expected, but the right people in your life will turn it into happy and funny memories. You’ll see the love from everyone around you as they come together in person or in spirit to make your vision happen. But make sure those memories are captured! Whether it be shaky home videos from loved ones or a professional shoot, you’ll treasure them however they happen.

4 Less pressure

When It comes to weddings, there can be nothing worse than being overwhelmed with wanting a perfect day and not enjoying the planning. As breath-taking as huge weddings are, there is beauty in the simple way.

Being with my husband has taught me not to sweat the small stuff (in anything) and the right person will give you the right priorities. Although I’m a huge lover of elaborate details and over the top designs, this year has made me realise that the most important part (which can get lost) is starting a life with the right person. So make it your way and focus on love and family. The rest will come later.

5 Cost effective

Of course us brits don’t talk about money but the fact is, so much can get lost on things that our lovely guests don’t even end up seeing. I know what you’re thinking “I need those little gold top hat boxes that’ll I’ll spend hours making and my day won’t be the same without them” But wait – they may be looked over or in the madness actually be forgotten to be put out (true story!)

But rather focus on giving the few guests you’ll have, a night to remember by spending it together in person or even virtually.


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