5 Marriage Proposal Tips for Guys

Have you taken the big step by planning to propose to your lovely soulmate.

Feeling a little nervous perhaps even vulnerable, wondering ” will I get the proposal right”

We fully understand the pressure its real guys. Your engagement is a huge but exciting milestone in your relationship, it shows the lady in your life that your ready to move on to the next level in your love for her.

CONGRATULATIONS! Here are a few tips to consider.

No1 Choosing The Right Ring

How well do you know her guys, does she love simple jewellery, or a huge rock, is she very active in the gym, are Diamonds a big deal for her.

These and much more detailed information you will need to do your best to find out indirectly, if this is too tricky ask a close friends, relative to find out or consider a proposal planner.

No2 Make It A Surprise

There is something romantic and very special about planning a surprise Proposal that is really unique to you both. Its the best way to show you really put a lot of thought into this momentous event.

No3 Be Creative

Come on gentleman think out the box! Strive to include both your personalities, your favourite romantic places you’ve both been to (or plan to) hobbies, music and so much more. Make your Proposal idea

memorable and unique to you both and not just one that you’ve seen online,

Believe me when we say your engagement proposal will be told for many years to come. Our children are still telling ours 27yrs later!

No4 Asking for Her Hand

Its old school gentlemen but it goes along way, its a huge sign of respect for your girlfriend and indeed her parents. Great brownie points too.

No5 The Marriage Talk

The Proposal wouldn’t be the time to pop the question to a subject that has never been spoken about, well before your proposal at some point you both should of spoken about marriage and the commitment your both ready to make.

Marriage has to be something your both 100% ready and sure about, we only want to here a big YES.

Ensure your both agree on the big issues like kids! You both don’t want any surprises in that department trust me on that.

Looking forward to hearing your love stories.


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